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Networking can range from two computers sharing data and printers, to large corporates with several servers running Windows 2008, 2003, 2000, NT or Novell handling intranet (internal & external) emails, file sharing, security, printers, massive databases etc. Remote access, or linking offices together with VPN (Virtual Private network) or dial-in access is a specialty. Wireless networking is extremely popular, and is useful in premises where cables would be unsightly or difficult to run.

Most companies of all sizes will benefit from the sharing of printers and data. This can be a very simple system, requiring no administration. Users are not even aware that the printer or file that they are using is not actually connected to their PC!!

Exchanging email can be a office saviour, rather than leaving 'stick-it' notes on somebody's desk every time a telephone message is taken! The ability to send whole documents, spreadsheets etc. to colleagues for them to see or adjust can make life simpler and faster. Databases or shared documents can be held in just one place, with as many (or as limited) users sharing as is required.

Larger networks can use various types of cabling systems and may operate at higher speeds. Servers range from about £600 to several thousand, depending upon the type of system, backup options, speed etc.

If you would like to know more about how your company may find it cost-effective to network, or if you would like your current network upgraded or repaired, then please contact us.


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