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If you have a need for a fileserved system, then you can rely on us to provide hardware, configuration and installation to meet your criteria. If you are not quite certain exactly what your requirements are, then we can provide all the help and assistance that you need.

Small groups may not need a dedicated server. This can be a financial boon. Small companies can rarely afford to have capital tied up in a server if it is not needed. Simple filesharing, printer sharing, and even multi-user internet access is not an immediate requirement for a dedicated fileserver. If you already have more than one PC, getting them networked to enable file and printer sharing can be carried out extremely cheaply.

Fileservers need not be expensive. For small groups, a standard machine will usually suffice. However, we provide a full range of facilities up larger corporate level. If you need the ultimate reliability of redundant PSUs, hot-pluggable RAID, UPS, DAT or any other configuration, we can provide a competitive quote. Again, if you are uncertain of what you need, please contact us.

We can configure systems to allow remote access. This may be to allow users to dial in from home (or from a laptop computer) and collect email or work on files; or it may be to allow remote access for maintenance or updates.

We cover all major Network Operating Systems, and we can provide a complete turn-key solution, or we can provide any support that your own personnel require. We will even come in and show you what to do and let you get on with it, it that is what you require!

Small Business Servers

If you are a small business, then we can provide you with Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)- this is really our niche market. SBS is aimed at small companies that need big-company facilities such as a full email server (to allow Out Of office, forwarding, multiple mailbox users, Remote mail access, shared diary and contacts), full backup facilities (including emails and databases), security (allowing different users different levels of access to different files and folders), reliability, productivity and ease of maintenance.

SBS can work from 5 users (or less), but is limited to a maximum of 75 users - most falling below 30 or 50 users. Combined with a VPN SBS can offer a complete solution to home workers, or those travelling. It has management tools to help non-technical users carry out many support tasks, and has recently undergone a complete revamp to the 2008 version.

If you are uncertain if a server may help your business please do not hesitate to give us a ring or drop us an email. We will give honest and impartial advice.


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