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We can register domain names on your behalf, and arrange to host your web site, provide web diversion and email diversion, as well as all standard web services. For a modest fee we can register your domain and set up a holding page for you.

Have your web site hosted on a state-of-the-art off-site data centre web server:

  • - Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • - Fire suppression system
  • - backup generator (automatically kicks in if power fails)
  • - High density raised floor - Multiple routes to the Internet with feeds from separate telco providers
  • - 100 Mb network featuring Cisco switches and routers - Climate control/Air tight facility
  • - State of the art security systems with CCTV/Swipe card access High speed redundant connections to the Internet through UUNET, XO and NTL.

The servers can offer all the following facilities, and more:

  • Simple Shopping Cart System
  • Web Site Search Engine
  • Ebay Style Auction
  • Guestbook
  • Web Site Advertiser
  • Free For All Links
  • Formmail
  • Web Site Postcards
  • Text Clock
  • Advanced 400/500 Error Page
  • Random Images
  • Random Links
  • Graphical & text counters.
  • Site submission tools to help you promote your site including SiteInspector to check for bad links.

Web site hosting starts at just £99 per year!!

We can also arrange for creation of a simple web site (such as this) - prices start from just £99.

More complex websites can be designed and coded by our experienced team of software engineers. Please contact us for more details.

Note: technical specifications of our hosted systems may vary as we use a large Third Party provider.


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