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For many years Computer Solutions have often been asked by our customers of we can install telephone systems, and we've always had to decline. However, we are now resellers for Panasonic Digital PBXs and Alcatel telephone systems. We can install telephone systems for small offices (up to 200 extensions....!), as a hybrid system (normal analogue and digital 'system' phones) as well as the latest IP systems. We can therefore provide a single point of contact for your communications and cabling requirements.

Computer Solutions can now undertake the installation and commissioning of Panasonic and Alcatel telephone systems.

Panasonic are renown for their quality, reliability and performance of their massive range of products. They are at the forefront of technology. Alcatel are renown throughout the industry as market leaders in full-featured telephone systems.

As well as offering simple analogue systems (eg. 2 lines in with six extensions) we can also offer Digital systems (two or more lines in, upto 200 extensions, with all the usual switchboard facilities). We can also offer IP solutions - using the actual computer network, including the Internet, for point-to-point voice. Using this system companies with branch offices or remote workers can link telephone systems via an Internet connection (VPN). This can save considerably on inter-office telephone call costs.

The exchange can be programmed for ring groups, follow-on, Least Cost Routing, voicemail, various levels of call barring and all the usual facilities associated with a modern telephone system.

We are very please to be able to react to our customer requests and now say 'Yes' when our customers ask us to install telephone systems at the same time as computer systems.

We can offer a range of maintenance packages to support your new telephone system - from Computer Solutions or from a third party.


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