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Green Credentials

We all accept that the planet is changing. Most of us are trying to ensure that we do our part to reduce the damage that mankind is inflicting upon the Earth.

Some changes in legislation are aimed at increasing the recycling and reuse of electronic devices. Electronics contain lots of pollutants, and also valuable metals and useful materials. Since August 2007 ALL SUPPLIERS OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT MUST PROVIDE ALL CUSTOMERS WITH A RECYCLING FACILITY. So if you buy any electronic equipment to replace some you already have, then the supplier MUST accept responsibility for the old equipment being replaced.

Most companies have opted in to a WEEE scheme. This means that we pay an authorised, compliant-assured company to deal with the disposal of all the replaced equipment that comes our way. It is law that all suppliers do this. Make sure that when YOU buy equipment that your supplier has signed up to an authorised scheme (they must be able to quote a WEE Registration number as required by the Environmental Agency. If they do not - can you be certain that your equipment will not just end up polluting the planet?

The disposal company (we use WeeeCare PLC) will decide on how best to reuse or recycle the equipment. In most cases it will be processed to remove harmful toxins and extract useful materials.

We have also tried to reduce our Carbon Footprint. More of our equipment is turned off when not being used, and those items that do need to remain on (such as servers) can be operated in power saving mode.

We have tried to reduce our packaging, and more of our shipping materials are recycled.

We also offer our customers the option of paper-free communication. Invoices, credit notes, letters, spec sheets, quotes and statements can all be issued electronically.

No - we aren't perfect, but we're trying our best.



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