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Remote Access

Remote Access

Our new Remote Access facility has been very successful. Any computer that is connected to the Internet can be accessed by us (at your request and control) to offer support and assistance. This is the same type of system used by the big-end companies. The remote access computer needs to have an Internet connection (does not matter about firewalls, NAT or other control systems) and either Internet Explorer (or equivalent) OR working email.

There is a nominal charge for each connection (and, depending upon situation, there may be a time charge as well). This means that wherever possible we now no longer need to travel on-site to deal with many problems. It can be used with Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Macs!

Please call on 08451 302 302 to find out how we can use this system to offer you support at a fraction the price of on-site visits. For more details visit our Remote Support page.

Remember - Computer Solutions provide a complete service - we can supply your hardware, software and all the services you need to have your system installed and your data preserved.

Business Networking - We belong to a Business Networking group. It has brought in a substantial amount of new business. If you would like to know if your business would benefit from this extra source of income, please ring Glen on 08451 302302.


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